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Eyelash Extension Mastery Course

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This foundational eyelash extension mastery course will give you the theory and skills to learn classic, hybrid and volume extensions and build a successful career in this growing industry. This course is a combined ONLINE & IN PERSON training. Upon purchasing the course you will be sent an at-home practice kit and you will have access to the online training modules. You may go through these modules at your own pace to ensure that you fully grasp the information and practice activities. When you feel that you are ready, you will schedule your TWO-DAY in person training where we will focus on strengthening your skills through hands on practice and completing two model sets -- one classic and one volume. You will also receive a second kit in class. The structure of this course allows you to come to class prepared to work on any areas that you feel less confident in. Everyone learns at a different pace therefore, this course is taken completely at YOUR OWN PACE, meaning that classic and volume practical days can be spaced out as far apart as you like, or they can be done consecutively. This course is all about you as the student having complete control over your learning. You will also have lifetime access to the online modules, including and updates that may be added in the future.

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