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You’ve Got Questions - We’ve Got Answers

What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are the application of synthetic lashes to your natural lash. Eyelash extensions add length, curl, and volume to your natural lashes and can be customized to enhance and draw attention to your eyes. Extensions come in a variety of thicknesses, lengths and colours.

What is the difference between CLASSIC, HYBRID AND VOLUME eyelash extensions?

You have options when it comes to choosing the eyelash extension set that is right for you. This depends on different factors such as your lifestyle, your normal makeup routine and the look you desire to achieve. CLASSIC is the most natural-looking option as it gives you look of wearing mascara -- without the hassle. HYBRID is a step up from classic lashes, giving you more fullness due to the addition of lightweight fans. Perfect for those with thinner lashes or if you desire a bit more drama. VOLUME is for those who like their lashes more bold and full, recommended for those who like the effect that strip lashes give. Results can vary drastically based on each person's number of natural lashes and the length of those natural lashes as well as the client's desired results. I would love to talk you through which style would be the best fit for you based on what result you're looking for. All sets are customized for you and are always applied in a way that is comfortable, safe and never damaging to your natural lashes!

Do eyelash extensions damage my natural lashes?

YES AND NO! Eyelash extensions CAN damage your lashes if they are applied improperly by an untrained technician or if the extensions applied are too heavy for the natural lash to support or if there's any rubbing, tugging or pulling on the extensions after they've been applied. 

LASH DAMAGE IS 100% AVOIDABLE! Here are ways in which we ensure your natural lashes are happy and healthy with our lashes on: 

  • Number one priority is clean isolation of each natural lash prior to applying the extension

  • cleaning your lashes at least once a day to ensure a thriving lash line

  • ensuring the proper weight is placed on each individual natural lashes capacity

  • Coming in for your fills regularly so we can remove any grown out lashes and replace them with new ones 

What are the eyelash extensions made of?

Eyelash extensions are made out of a synthetic fiber called PBT (or polybutylene terephthalate) meant to mimic mink hair, which is why lash extensions are commonly referred to as “mink lashes” although real mink is very, very rarely used. 

The lashes are flexible, heat curled to maintain their curvature, and come in a variety of thicknesses, curls, lengths, finishes, tapers, diameters and even colors! That means the customization of your lash set is endless because we have so many options to choose from based on what is safe for your natural lashes and the look you’re going for. 

Real mink fur is very, very rarely used (I’ve never seen it), because aside from the high chance of allergic reactions, they do not come curled, meaning they would need to be permed or consistently curled at home, and the point of lashes extensions is to do LESS work when getting ready. 

How long do eyelash extensions last?

The adhesive has a "cling life" if you will of about 6-8 weeks. Meaning the bonds of the adhesive will start to break down around that time frame where the glue becomes brittle and worn down. BUT our eyelashes have a growth cycle just like every other hair on our body and will shed out naturally (extension or not). SO you can expect to lose anywhere from 3-5 lashes a day if you're healthy and have no underlying health issues. 

So to keep your lashes looking full, I recommend coming in every two to four weeks (depending on what type of set you have) to replace the lashes and/or extensions that have shed out and to put fresh new ones on. It's very similar to the frequency of acrylic nail fills. Your natural lashes grow, shed and grow a new one and that is happening constantly across your lash line. 

How do I remove eyelash extensions?

Professional adhesive removers are specifically formulated to break down the bonds of the adhesive within minutes and the extensions can be safely removed without causing damage to your natural lashes. If you attempt to remove them at home, there is no household product we recommend you use anywhere near your eyes to safely remove your extensions. So do your eyes a favor and either wait until the extensions have shed naturally on their own or book an appointment with us to have them removed safely and quickly!

Do eyelash extensions hurt?

No! Your eyelash extensions should NEVER hurt. In fact, they should be barely noticeable except for maybe when a heavy breeze rushes by you! If your eyelash extensions hurt, twist or cause you any discomfort, that is something you'll want to make your lash artist aware of right away as it is not normal! 

Lashes that hurt could be caused by lashes that are glued together. When this happens, when your natural lashes grow out at different rates, one lash will start to slowly and painfully pull out the other lash. It could be that the adhesive may have come into contact with your skin and as your lash grows out, it's pulling on the skin until you rub it hard enough that the skin is released. It could be that you have a sensitivity to the adhesive or that the extensions are too heavy for your natural lashes to support. All are reasons to contact your lash artist to find a solution because eyelash extensions SHOULD NEVER HURT!

Can I get my eyelash extensions wet?

YES - you absolutely can get your eyelash extensions wet! Our adhesive is water resistant within a few minutes of application and waterproof within a few hours of application. So whether you need to shower up for that hot date or you're heading to the beach for a weekend away or you're guaranteed to cry at that wedding you're going to next week, your lashes will do just fine holding up to whatever water you've got coming near them! All I ask is that you cleanse your lashes regularly with a lash cleanser to rid any salt, chlorine or products off your lashes and stay away from other waterproof products on the lashes (they’re really hard to remove!)

What is a lash lift?

A lash lift is a treatment where a solution is applied to the natural lashes that semi-permanently curls the lashes up, similar to the effect of a lash curler—but with way more staying power. It's great for people who find themselves curling their lashes every day, or for those who find that despite curling, their lashes fall pretty quickly. If you have naturally straight or flat lashes, this is a good option for you to try.

What is brow lamination?

Brow lamination is a new trend in the beauty industry, originating from Russia. It is the best treatment for taming rough and unruly hairs as the solution used sets them in place so every hair lies in the same direction, giving a combed through effect. A nourishing treatment is applied as the final step to promote healthy brow growth. After the procedure brows will look thicker, fuller, straighter and combed up into the ideal shape. The idea is that. you won't have to use a brow pencil to fill your brows in anymore. A brow shape and tint can also be added on to this service.

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