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You’ll be able to effortlessly execute your client's vision with BEAUTYLUXEPRO’s Luxe Silk Collection Lashes. This collection offers 20 lines of world-renowned Premium Korean PBT Fibre, which is the gold standard for eyelash extensions. With a deep black, semi-matte finish, stable curl, and ⅓ taper - these eyelash extensions guarantee maximum fullness. 

Exceptionally designed with the lash technician in mind, BEAUTYLUXEPRO Luxe Silk Collection uses foil-backed strips that are residue-free to eliminate stickiness on your lash palette. 

These eyelash extensions truly embody the feeling of luxurious silk, with their soft to touch, yet durable design. BEAUTYLUXEPRO Luxe Silk Collection is pivotal in creating a long-lasting set.


  • 20 lines per tray 
  • Foil strips - leaves no residue 
  • 2 mm orange strip for easy fanning 
  • Made of high quality PBT synthetic fibre
  • 1/3 taper for deep, dark semi-matte sets 
  • Length printed on side and bottom of strips
  • Curl, diameter and length printed on bottom of tray for easy organization and storage 

Volume Espresso Collection - Single Length Tray

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